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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Each one of us has a different definition of who or what a hero is. Like most people, I’ve also greatly liked and looked up to sportspersons and actors and musicians and writers, etc. And, still do. But, for the longest time, the people I’ve admired most are those who have to deal with adversity. Just ordinary, everyday people who are, maybe, battling a difficult disease, either their own or of someone close to them, or who may be parents of mentally challenged children and suchlike.

I don’t think I knew it then but, from childhood, I’ve had the deepest admiration for such people. People who go about quietly doing whatever it is they need to do under very difficult personal circumstances.

From childhood, I’ve seen my share of problems and trouble. Stuff that kids shouldn’t have to deal with or be around. So, I know how difficult things can be. I know what it means to be in a fight. But, I’ve always found myself frustratingly incapable of doing better than I was able to do. And, so, I guess it’s only natural that I should admire those who do this every day of their lives. And, they do it with the quiet dignity and grace that I can barely hope to put together in difficult situations.

Anyway, to move on to something completely unrelated, finally, the bonfire of inanities was lit. Why it took so long is hard to say but it did bring to mind the Don McLean song: Andrew McCrew must have lost his way/’Cos though he died long ago/ He was buried today. Now, on to item 2 on the Distraction Agenda, the Jaipur Lit Fest. But, because # 3, Goa, is not going to work out, the search for the next one continues...


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