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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The cow is a successful animal. Also he is quadruped and because he is a female, he give milk, but will do so when he is got child. He is same like God, sacred to Hindus and useful to man. But he has got four legs altogether. Two are forward and two are afterwards.

His whole body can be utilised for use. More so the milk. What can it do? Various ghee, butter, cream, curd, why and the condensed milk and so farth. Also, he is useful to cobbler, watermans and mankinds generally.

His motion is slow only because he is of aslitudinous species. Also his other motion is much useful to the trees, plants as well as making flat cakes in hand and drying in sun.

Cow is the only animal that extracts his feeding after eating. Then, afterward she chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth. He is incessantly in the meadows on the grass. His only attacking organ is the horn, specially so when he is got child. This is done by knowing his head whereby he causes the weapons to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed with great velocity forwards.

He has got tail also, but not like similar animals. It has hairs on the other end of the other side. This is done to frighten away the flies which alight on his cohoa body whereupon he gives hit with it.

The palms of the feet are soft unto the touch. So the grasses heads would not get crushed. At night time have poses by giving down on the ground and he shouts his eyes like his relatives, the horse does not do so.

This is the cow.

This essay, I thought, seemed the only natural successor to Neruda ...sublime and lyrical, just as good ole' Pablo. Believe it or not, this essay was actually written by an IAS a part of the Civil Services exam. Holy cow! :-)


Blogger Archster said...

great to read be reading this again! First read it in class 9, from a xerox copy a cousin gave me.

We laughed for a week over it.

3:03 pm  
Blogger M (tread softly upon) said...

I read this in an email once. I still do not believe someone actually wrote this.

9:57 pm  
Blogger GhostOfTomJoad said...

archster: Ditto! We've laughed over this for a long time too. I've had his for ages but when I rediscovered it today, while looking up some old stuff, I couldn't stop laughing.

m: Next time, I"ll post something similar with proof! Really! :-)

11:46 pm  
Blogger Blue Athena said...

Hahahahahaha! :))

8:56 am  
Blogger the-think said...

This essay and Neruda! yes, in a very surreal manner :)
seems like you have quite a thing about neruda :)
thanks a lot for coming by...see you around more!

9:37 am  
Blogger Billabong Girl said...

i nearly cracked open laughing so hard.

Your other posts, however made me so sad. Lovely reads they made for. Lovely.

12:13 am  
Blogger GhostOfTomJoad said...

blue athena: I know :-)

the-think: Neruda...well, I do have a thing about him but not THAT big :-)

billabong girl: Glad you enjoyed it... it IS funny. About the rest of the posts, well...c'est la vie :-)

12:06 pm  

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