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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


(SRT got his; this, here, is mine.)

When I was working on a film last year, twiddling my thumbs for nearly a month and waiting for this star to give me some time to shoot, I had an idea for a television show. I discussed it with a couple of friends, who are very successful television professionals. Both liked the concept very much and one, in fact, went on to call it a “killer idea”. Considering how far I’ve gotten with some other really good ideas I’ve had, some of which were better than this one, I took what he said with a little more than the industrial quantities of salt I use in my pasta water. Anyway, now that I’ve finished the film I’ve been working on for so long and need some downtime (actually, I don’t...I’m just trying to sound cool!), I’ve started to, finally, write and work on that concept.

As I started writing this morning, I was prompted to think about all the people I’m not in contact with any longer. I’ve walked away from a lot of people and there have been many who have walked out on me. But, hard as I’ve been trying, I cannot recall a single instance where I walked away because I questioned the usefulness of my association with the person. Among the many who’ve chosen not to keep in touch with me, however, in all honesty, I can think of only two whose decision was not prompted by the use-by date. And, strange as this may seem, these two are the only ones I really wish I could still be in touch with.

Anyway, the “killer idea” beckons...


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Good luck.

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